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they fit perfectly

"I finally found the perfect panties! These are thin, soft, breathable, and they fit PERFECTLY. I’ve tried other merino panties but they all feel loose and floppy and they bunch up. These stay put, are smooth under clothing and wash well."

- Elissa R.

far superior to cotton

"I had never owned wool underwear, I only wore cotton. I was surprised by how comfy AND durable the fabric felt. I tried them out and found them to be the most amazing underwear ever!!! Wool is far superior to cotton! I have now bought 8 pairs because I love them so much!"

- Naomi M.

so comfortable

"I bought my first Woolly briefs for a 2-week trip to Peru. Lots of hiking and outdoor activities with little time for doing laundry. Little did I know that when I returned I’d buy more. Woolly briefs are so comfortable, do not ride up, wash great, dry quick! They are my ONLY undies!"

-Shelia T.


"These are honestly the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. I never thought I’d wear anything but cotton undies but after wearing Woolly’s bikini briefs, I don’t want to wear anything else. Dry, cool, odor-free, and stays in place all day. Perfect!!"

a good investment

"I find other types of wool to be itchy and uncomfortable, but Merino wool is not at all itchy. They have the breathability Merino wool is famous for. These are expensive briefs, but so far, I think it was a good investment."

- Mary G.

stretchy in every direction

"These are the most breathable and comfortable underwear I've ever owned. I bought one to try and quickly bought more. They are stretchy in every direction, not restrictive in any way. Even the seams stretch freely and do not cut into your skin. I'll be replacing all of my underwear with these!"

-Maradith M.

these panties stay put

"Nothing but love! They’re awesome! No rolling, no wedgies… these panties stay put. I love the fact that they’re wool and breathe. I can’t wait to see how they perform on my backpacking trips this summer!!!"

- Angela W.


I love these! They are so incredibly soft! I don't even notice I have them on. I originally bought 3 pairs, and liked them so much I bought 3 more! Don't be put off by these being wool - it's buttery soft. Well worth it."

a bonus on long days sitting

"I love these boy shorts! The wool is so comfortable no matter what the temperature and the odor controlling properties are a bonus on long days sitting or when flying."

- Karen L.

couldn’t be happier with them

"Really love these! They are very comfortable and stay put!!! They don’t ride up (or in) and I couldn’t be happier with them. I ordered some for me and my daughter - we both love them! I’m 5’7”, weigh 138, size medium was perfect. Definitely plan to order more!"

- Michelle K.

cool, comfortable, and wedgie-free

"Best undies ever! I am happily cool, comfortable, and wedgie-free in my woolly briefs at all times! Love them so much I got 3 family members to buy the same undies :) Highly recommend."

-Sarah B.

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