Become a Woolly Affiliate

Hi! We're James, Mike and Chris - three Seattleites who love the outdoors and love wearing merino. We see the negative impact synthetic garments have on our environment. And we recognize the high price tag of natural alternatives like wool.

We launched Woolly to prove that making affordable merino clothes was doable. We are looking for great affiliates to help us spread the word and replace synthetic garments with better versions made from wool.

We are interested in teaming-up with content creators that share our passion.

Woolly + AvantLink

AvantLink manages our affiliate relationships. As an affiliate you may place links to Woolly on your site and receive commissions for the sales generated from visitors you send our way.

An application is available at AvantLink. Once your application is accepted you may select Woolly links and banners (housed at AvantLink) for use on your sites. Affiliates are able to track their progress online in real time via extensive web-based reporting, viewed at AvantLink's site.