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hold their shape, are durable, and supportive

"Have been wearing the Everyday boxer briefs for a couple of years now (not the same pair). They are extremely comfortable, hold their shape, are durable, and supportive. Have used on multi-day Moto trips, hunting trips, and backpacking. Cannot give enough praise for these boxer briefs!"


Completely satisfied

"Best underoos out there! Delivered on all the things promised: odor-resistant, breathable, soft... Bought one pair to try out then immediately bought a package of three. Completely satisfied. Their customer service is on point as well."

-Terrance A.

perfectly regulating. And the odor-killing

"I discovered Woolly. Now my undies drawer is all Woolly. Before wearing them, I feared they would be too warm. Nope. Perfectly regulating. And the odor-killing Merino is a great blessing on long campouts. Now I also have Woolly t-shirts and hoodies. I am obsessed with merino."

- LEE A.

Shahram P.

"I have sensitive skin, and I had tons of problems with underwear seams before Woolly. Woolly's fit well, hold up well in the wash, they feel amazingly comfortable. They stay “fresh” for way longer than traditional boxer briefs."

replaced all my other poly-mesh boxer briefs

"Woolly Longdrop boxer briefs, quite simply are the bomb! Initially, about 5 months ago bought one of the three packs to try them out, and have loved them so much…just bought another 3 pack and they’ve basically replaced all my other poly-mesh boxer briefs. They are not too tight or loose, hold up well in the wash, they feel amazingly comfortable."

- Shahram P.

like nature's cozy embrace

"Good wool is like nature's cozy embrace. These boxers have soft fibers, yet sturdy, providing warmth without feeling heavy. The texture is inviting, with a natural bounce and resilience that makes it super comfortable to wear. I love them and will be buying many more!!!"

- Jason M.

I’ve thrown out all my cotton briefs

"The soft feel against the skin makes these the best I’ve ever worn. Light and cool as well and I’ve thrown out all my cotton briefs."

-Scott D.

Randall B.

"I was looking for a polyester alternative and these are perfect! Super comfortable and great quality!"

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these boxers keep him cool

"Bought them for my boyfriend, he loves them. We live in the Caribbean, it is always hot and humid, he says these boxers keep him cool throughout the day and he doesn't sweat."

- Amanda S.

will be replacing all of the drawers

"10 out of 10. Ordered some for my sweetie. He loves them and will be replacing all of the drawers in the drawer with Woollys!"

- Pamela B.

by far the most comfortable

"My husband has tried several different companies' briefs, and Woolly's are by far the most comfortable. I bought these for my husband, and he loves them. No more need to shop around."

-Elizabeth J.

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