the woolly recycling program

Recycle your
well-worn Woolly

How does it work?

We are thrilled to introduce our Woolly WellWorn Merino Recycling Program!

We want your old Woolly gear, no matter its condition. Whether it's full of holes, stained, torn, or even chewed up by your pet goat, we don't mind. Send it back to us so we can transform it into new, exciting products.

For years, we've been committed to minimizing our clothing waste footprint through non-new selling, donations, and creative liquidation methods. However, we know that a lot of wool ends up in landfills, and we believe we can do better.

We've partnered with textile recycling mills to process our used merino wool and turn it into recycled wool products. While we're still finalizing the specifics, some of our current ideas include coasters, coozies, placemats, and tote bags. If you have any innovative ideas, we'd love to hear them!

We are still collecting as much clean, used Woolly as possible! Although the initial incentive ended on July 7th (a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated), you can still recycle your old Woolly gear here.

Help us repurpose it into new and exciting products and join us in making a difference. We are excited that together, we are creating a more sustainable future with the WellWorn Woolly recycling program!

WellWorn woolly details

What can I send in for recycling? At this time, we are only accepting items made by Woolly. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on the condition of the items. We accept all Woolly products, regardless of wear and tear. We just ask that they are cleaned prior to shipping.

What happens after I fill out the form? We will email you a prepaid return label 2-3 days after submission. All you have to do is find an appropriately sized box, attach the prepaid label and ship it our way! We will take it from there!

How do I get my store credit? If you fill out the form between June 15th-July 1, we will be emailing out store credit after items are received and checked in. Once they are cleared, you will receive $5 per recyclable garment, straight to your inbox. This will arrive in the form of a personal code that you can use on your next Woolly purchase!

Who can participate in the recycling program? The WellWorn Woolly recycling program is open to all customers who own Woolly products and want to contribute to a more sustainable future by recycling their well worn and loved items.

Are there any costs associated with participating in the recycling program? Nope! We want to make it easy and accessible for everyone to contribute to this sustainability effort.

Thank you for joining us in our Sustainability efforts!