staff picks

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Our favorites. Selected for you.

Wonder what Woolly wears? Look no further. Here's what our team likes to wear, rain or shine!

James' Pick

"I know it's a little non-standard but I love our button-ups for PNW mountain biking. A button or two is all you need to vent more or less for variable weather or the up vs the down and 100% Merino means no stink and it's always dry by the time I get to the car so I'm comfy for the drive home from the trailhead."

Chris' pick

“Can a person like a shirt too much? If so, that shirt would be the Everyday VNeck Tee. It keeps me cool, everywhere, all summer long. Biking to the office? VNeck Tee. Lunch meeting? VNeck Tee. Dinner on the town? You get the idea. Join me in the VNeck life. You might like it a little too much.”

Mike's Pick

“The pullover fleece is my favorite evening Woolly-wear all summer long. Once the sun goes down, the cool air comes in, and the fleece is my go-to campfire layer.”

Erica's pick

"I love these shorts for hiking, running, gym, yoga, casually with an oversized crop or hoodie, layering under dresses, and even under bibs on the chairlift during Winter! These are my go-to shorts for warm weather since they don't chafe, hold their shape, and dry quickly when it rains (yes, we get rain here, year-round) or when I'm sweaty! The new pockets are perfect for holding keys and a phone too!"

Carly's Pick

“Whether it's a sunny summer day or a cool fall evening, the ProKnit Zip Hoodie is my perfect companion for any adventure. Lightweight and versatile, it fits effortlessly into my backpack and pairs seamlessly with any outfit. This hoodie keeps me protected from the elements, regulates my temperature as the sun sets, and shields me from harmful UV rays while wicking away sweat. I am always reaching for the Pro Knit Zip Hoodie as it is my go-to essential for any outing, whether out on the water, on the trail, or settling in for a cozy evening!”

Galen's pick

“Before I worked here, I hardly knew about merino. Now it’s all I want in the summer! Longhaul pants are prefect for warm days when you’re just not feelin' shorts (or ran out of time for laundry). That natural temperature regulation is a real thing!”

Korina's Pick

“Woolly introduced me to the merino wool world and I'll neve turn back! The Cami Tank is the first thing I am reaching for all summer long - I love that it doesn't feel sticky or clingy, and it keeps me cool. Plus, it goes with anything! 

Also, I can't forget to mention that my husband just requested that we replace his ENTIRE underwear drawer with the everyday briefs, I think Woolly changed his life.”

Mckenna's pick

“I like the Boyshorts the most, I am obsessed with all of the underwear but the boyshorts are so comfy and almost feel like you are wearing nothing because they are so light! There isn't a hard seam you see either, fits like a glove.”

What to wear underneath?

Our Staff loves the Classic Boxer a the daily driver. Perfect for a breathable, quick-drying underlayer, or even wear them as pajamas!