Adam McKibben

Outdoorsmen, Photographer, Moments Collector


"I spent a week in the backcountry with Woolly's products to put them up against the elements. We were faced with everything from blazing sun to surprise snow flurries. I stayed dry and warm when the snow hit and the material wicked sweat away while I was hauling gear around. Not to mention that the merino wool used in the products is probably the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, which is a huge morale booster when you're in the midst of a backcountry suffer-fest."


Henley Long Sleeve // 190 GSM
"The perfect layer for those chilly mornings and evenings. At night I would throw this on for some added warmth before crawling into my sleeping bag. Not only did it keep me warm, but it also aided is my pre-sleep visions of being in some massive king sized bed with the most comfortable sheets you could imagine."

Ultralight Tee // 150 GSM
"The swiss army knife of camping, a solid base layer tee is a must in the backcountry. When you have to travel light, it is important to have a shirt that will dry quickly, wick moisture, help regulate your body temperature, and maybe most importantly, not absorb all the wonderful smells you produce after a week of sweating and not showering. Bring two of these ultralight crews with you and you are set for any mission. Put one on, and have one hanging up back at basecamp. Throw your clean one on when you return, douse the dirty one in some water, wring it out, hang it up, repeat."

Boxer Brief // 150 GSM
"It's hard to beat having a solid pair of merino underwear in the backcountry."