Reaching for wool when its warm outside sounds crazy. Even so, Woolly counts Firefighters, Servicemembers based in the Middle East and thru hikers among our most dedicated customers. They know what most don’t: Merino wool, long used as a cold weather base-layer, is a next level performance fabric at the upper end of the thermometer too.

Merino is built by nature for warm weather pursuits:

  • Moisture wicking: The keratin backbone of merino fibers transfers water vapor from high to low humidity environments, eg: from inside your shirt to outside your shirt.
  • Temperature regulating: Merino fibers naturally create small insulating air pockets that reduce excess heat when you’re warm and help retain heat when you’re cold.
  • Odor fighting: The variable surface of the wool fibers, naturally occurring lanolin oil, and superior moisture management mentioned above keep BO-causing bacteria at bay.

Our 100% merino shirts and underwear are designed with a simple, classic style to bring trekking-level performance to the board room, park, or anywhere else you need it. Woolly gets rave reviews for all kinds of high temp uses:

  • Travel: From European summers to South American winters, everything Woolly makes provides 4-season comfort and versatility.
  • Backpacking, cycling and hiking: Elite comfort and performance for multi-day trips, stays odor-free and dries quickly when transitioning from trail to camp.
  • Hitting the gym: Everything merino does for you on the trail or the road works just as well during that after-work Crossfit session too.
So think twice before packing away your Woolly this spring and double down on your merino habit with our collection of merino basics.