"Forget cotton. The ideal travel tee is made sweat-wicking and BO-killing merino wool.
Woolly is on the list of our top merino T-shirt picks." >> read more


"Trail and travel-friendly moisture-wicking properties and odor resistance. Merino is
the undisputed king of natural performance fabrics, used in everything from base layers
to jacket insulation. Now Woolly is putting it in slacks. " >> read more


"I'm going to live in this stuff from now on. I've used this for hiking, cycling, you name it.
I wear it all the time. It's fantastic I have been wearing it all spring." >> read more


"If you’re a fan of merino wool but hate the price tag, you have to check out Woolly.
When you factor in all the benefits and convenience of merino, it might be a better
bang-for-your-buck than the average cotton t-shirt." 
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"This shirt is a wardrobe staple. The weight keeps
you warm but is not too heavy so it should be comfortable in
everything but the hottest days. Woolly calls (150 GSM) 
Ultralight but I’d call it “just right” 
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"Woolly merino fabric is super soft to the touch and feels very comfortable against the skin. 
The product is suitable for hiking, mountaineering, trekking, backpacking, climbing and everyday use." 
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"This has become my favorite shirt of all time. I've been testing for 3 months.
It's a very athletic fit, extremely breathable, odor resistant and perfect for any climate." >> read more

"When I heard news of the women’s line, I got beyond excited.
For the record, I’ve basically been living in them for the last month.
Woolly’s products are neutral basics that go with anything."
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"The ultralight weight of the merino has a nice drape. The V neck is a
little deeper V which I found quite flattering. It certainly does not have
the appearance of an outdoor shirt."
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"This shirt was my absolute go-to tee shirt during our trip around the world. 
We spent most of our time in hot, humid, tropical weather.  Whether it was beating
the 100-degree heat in Hawaii, climbing the Acropolis in Greece, kayaking in Thailand,
or scuba diving in the Maldives, this shirt was fantastic."
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"We're moving to a place beyond cotton. Woolly properties like odor
resistance and temperate control make it incredibly comfortable and breathable.
This Woolly shirt is my default when I'm at home or travelling." >> read more

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