About Woolly_Merino_Wool_Clothing_

Woolly Clothing Co was started by 3 Seattleites who loved wearing merino, hated the price tag, and wanted to do something about it.  We launched Woolly to prove that making affordable merino clothes was doable and now we want to make a fully merino life possible by replacing your most essential everyday cotton garments with better versions made from wool.  

Share our love for wool? Curious about partnership opportunities?  Pondering the mystical implications of wearing wool?  You can get in touch with us through social media, or the more direct traditional methods.

Try us. You’ll love it.
Experience goes a lot further than our flowery words. We want you to experience merino’s comfort and performance first hand. So give us a try - we know you will love it. If at any point you have a problem, reach out to us at getsatisfied@woolly.clothing

What is Woolly's Guarantee? We appreciate your business. And we want you to be happy. If you are not satisfied for any reason don't hesitate to contact us at getsatisfied@woolly.clothing

If the mood strikes you, we'd love your feedback or a product review on whichever site you bought our products on.  We want constructive input just as much as the high fives and likes.  We can't make the world's best merino clothes without continuous feedback from our customers.  

What about our wool? Woolly Clothing’s garments are made from Woolmark certified Australian Merino, regarded as the world’s finest and softest wool. Inherently natural, biodegradable and renewable, Merino wool is the result of 200 years of sustainable farming on Australia’s grassland terrain.

Our Standards of Sustainability. More wool. Less plastic. That's our goal. From the standpoint of sustainability, it doesn’t get much better than merino wool. While synthetics are plastic and petroleum based, merino garments are totally natural, biodegradable and renewable.

With a love for the environment and the outdoors at our core, we took great care in finding a sewing partner that can meet our standards for quality, sustainability and excellent working conditions. Since 2013, Woolly has developed a strong partnership with an amazing sewing specialist in Jiangdong, China. Just as we do here in Seattle, they take worker health and safety very seriously and are certified members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). BSCI sets a code of conduct and the systems to implement labor rights and standards, which all participants commit to implementing within their supply chains. Learn more about these core standards.

When taking the time and care required, it is very possible to find highly sustainable and ethical manufacturers in China. And we’re proud to be producing there.