Quilted 100% Merino Wool Jackets, Bootliners, Blankets, Sleeping Sacks

Wait, Quilted Merino Wool?!

Yep, Quilted. Why? Because quilted merino wool is luxurious, warm, breathable and great looking. We created our signature quilted merino wool as an answer to the felted wool seen elsewhere. Quilted wool is lighter, softer, and holds its structure better in garments and accessories. 

We think quilted merino is softer, warmer and more breathable when compared to both felted wool and traditional quilting techniques.  For fans of merino wool, its' a new way to experience the fabric we all love.

The fabric weight is 320 GSM - heavy enough to have serious insulating properties, but light enough to remain breathable and super soft and pliable. And like all merino, it's natural, anti-microbial, wicks moisture and stays warm even when wet. 

You'll only find this purpose-build quilted merino wool here at Woolly. Check out our quilted merino wool products below. 

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Sizing for Men & Women

Men's Tops >> Chest size in inches.
Small: 34-36
Medium: 38-40
Large: 42-44
X Large: 46-48
XX Large: 50-52

Men's Underwear>> Waist size in inches.
Small: 29-31
Medium: 32-34
Large: 35-37
X Large: 38-40
XX Large: 41-43

Socks - Unisex >>
Small: Women's 6-9
Medium: Men's 6-9
Large: Men's 10+

Women's Tops >> Bust/Chest size in inches.
X Small: 30-32
Small: 33-34
Medium: 34.5-36
Large: 36.5-38
X Large: 38.5-40

Women's Underwear >>
X Small: Size 0
Small: Size 2-4
Medium: Size 6-8
Large: Size 10-12

Women's Leggings >>

X Small: Size 0, 26 waist / 26.5 inseam
Small: Size 2-4, 28 waist / 27.5 inseam
Medium: Size 6-8, 30 waist / 28 inseam
Large: Size 10-12, 31.5 waist / 29 inseam
X Large: Size 14+, 33 waist/ 29.5 inseam