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This satchel of woolen wonders gets you:

  • 3 shirts (over $150 of Woolly)
  • At least 1 other precious item from our storehouse (hat, buff, socks, etc)

Enough wool to make the local shepherds jealous and seriously improve the ratio of merino in your regular rotation.

Grab bag orders will consist of some combination of items from Woolly's line of shirts (all colors, crew or v-neck, 190 or 150 GSM, short or long sleeve) and our classic jersey knit zip up hoodie.  All grab bag orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Enjoy the wool!

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Sizing for Men & Women

Men's Tops >> Chest size in inches.
Small: 34-36
Medium: 38-40
Large: 42-44
X Large: 46-48

Men's UnderwearWaist size in inches.
Small: 29-31
Medium: 32-34
Large: 35-37
X Large: 38-40

Women's Tops >> Bust/Chest size in inches.
Small: 33-34
Medium: 34.5-36
Large: 36.5-38
X Large: 38.5-40

Women's Underwear >>
Small: Size 0-4
Medium: Size 6-8
Large: Size 10-12
X Large: Size 14+

Women's Leggings >>

Small: Size 2-4, 28 waist / 27.5 inseam
Medium: Size 6-8, 30 waist / 28 inseam
Large: Size 10-12, 31.5 waist / 29 inseam
X Large: Size 14+, 33 waist/ 29.5 inseam